Dental Cleanings & Exams in Aurora CO

Biannual cleanings and exams don’t have to be a dreaded experience. In fact, from the moment you enter our friendly practice, you’ll feel at ease with the staff and surroundings. At Mile High Dentistry, we’re committed to providing comfortable care during your routine visit.

To help put your mind at ease before you arrive at our office, here’s what you can expect during your next dental cleaning and exam with us.

Your Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning in Aurora CO

One of our experienced hygienists will perform your dental cleaning, which will take about one hour, depending on how long it’s been since your last cleaning. If it has been a while, your visit may take a bit longer.

The hygienist begins by using a specialized tool and a gentle touch to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Most patients dislike this part the most. If that’s how you feel, there’s excellent news! You can make the process easier for next time by merely committing to thorough daily brushing and flossing to keep plaque and tartar buildup to a minimum. But remember, even individuals with meticulous oral hygiene need to have some plaque and tartar removed from time to time.

Once all signs of tartar are gone, the hygienist will polish your teeth with a rotating brush and buffing paste. The slightly gritty paste provides a deep clean that is difficult to achieve at home. You will be given ample opportunities to rinse during the polishing procedure.

Once your teeth are perfectly polished, the hygienist will treat your teeth to thorough flossing, including those hard-to-reach back teeth. You’ll also receive helpful tips that you can use to be sure you’re flossing effectively at home.

If indicated, you may receive a fluoride treatment at the end of your cleaning. Fluoride coats the teeth and provides additional protection against cavity-causing bacteria.

Some patients receive x-rays during their visit. This will depend on when your teeth were last x-rayed and your dental insurance coverage. X-rays are an important tool for detecting structural abnormalities or another oral issue. Early detection helps us provide you with the most effective treatment. If we have access to your previous dental x-rays, we will compare them with the new images to assess changes in your teeth, mouth, and jaw.

Your Dental Exam

Dental Exam in Aurora CO

Once the hygienist completes your dental cleaning, the dentist will examine your teeth. During a dental exam, the dentist inspects each tooth for abnormalities. Your bite is assessed, and gaps between your teeth or gum pockets are noted. Gum pockets are measured using a periodontal probe and recorded by the hygienist. It’s completely painless and only takes a moment.

Before your visit concludes, our dentist will share his findings and discuss a plan for further treatment, if needed. You will be given suggestions for maintaining your sparkling smile at home. Don’t let the dread of going to the dentist put your teeth and gums at risk of severe consequences.

If it has been a while since you’ve visited our office, now is the time to commit to better oral health. Our appointments book quickly, so call us at (303) 745-3182 today so that we can secure your spot on our schedule. We look forward to seeing you smile!