Teeth whitening is one of the least invasive cosmetic procedures you can have, but it makes an amazing impact on the appearance of your smile. Traditional whitening systems can whiten teeth but not enough to call them “profound”. However, that’s exactly how Dr. Ley describes the whitening ability of the Kor Whitening System.

Teeth Whitening Service in Aurora

Why Kor Whitening?

Kor Whitening is exceptionally effective and long-lasting because:

  • The proprietary gel formula is refrigerated to preserve the active ingredients for maximum potency.
  • Precisely fitting trays block saliva, which breaks down whitening agents. The trays also make extended (overnight) whitening possible and effective.
  • In-office and at-home whitening plus monthly maintenance work together to maintain the whitening effects.

Serious Whitening for Serious Patients

If that sounds intense, it’s because it is. This is a whitening system for someone who is serious about ridding their teeth of unsightly stains once and for all. It requires a commitment on the patient’s part, but the results are worth it!

Who is a Candidate for Kor Whitening?

Patients from older teens to adults can benefit from the Kor Whitening system as long as they are willing and able to invest themselves in the process. Patients with restorations such as veneers and crowns may not be a good candidate for this particular system. A visit with Dr. Ley will help you decide if Kor Whitening is right for you.

Will Kor Whitening make My Teeth too White?

This is always a concern with whitening agents, which is why you should always whiten your teeth under the supervision of a skilled dental professional. With the Kor Whitening system, you will work closely with Dr. Ley to achieve just the right shade of whitening for your smile.

Call our office today at (303) 745-3182 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ley to find out if Kor Whitening is right for you.