Because many people consider their smile their best physical feature, dental problems can cause embarrassment and self-esteem issues. When dental issues arise, professional cosmetic dentistry provides a way to transform your smile and restore confidence in only a few appointments.

While cosmetic dentistry beautifies smiles and brightens teeth, its importance reaches beyond mere aesthetics. In cases of tooth decay, dental treatments such as fillings, root canals, or extractions may necessitate further dental restorative procedures to return function to a tooth, as well as perfect the smile. For example, composite fillings crafted to precisely match natural tooth color go unnoticed while protecting a tooth from further damage.

Chipped or broken teeth often result from work, sporting, or automobile accidents. Dental damage from an accident not only affects physical appearance but can also allow bacteria to enter the teeth and cause painful sensitivity or decay if left untreated. In these cases, a restorative dental crown can be crafted to blend naturally with surrounding teeth and support overall oral function.

Whether it is decay, damage from an accident, or another dental issue, patients may no longer want to smile. This is where Dr. Brian Ley of Mile High Dentistry can help. Dr. Ley is a professional cosmetic dentist who is passionate about giving patients the smile of their dreams.

Dr. Ley is different from other dentists – he considers cosmetic dentistry an art form and continually works to develop his skills. In addition to offering traditional cosmetic dental treatments, Dr. Ley specializes in tooth reshaping and dental contouring. This procedure, which involves removing a small portion of a tooth’s surface enamel, is used to alter the length, shape, and surface appearance of a tooth. Using composite filling, Dr. Ley expertly fills any imperfections, leaving the patient with a natural-looking, pristine smile. Patients remark how impressed they that the results of tooth reshaping and dental contouring look even better than veneers but cost thousands less.

Regardless of the cosmetic dentistry procedure you need – from implants to crowns to veneers – choosing Dr. Ley to perform your procedure ensures that you will benefit from his expert skill and gentle touch in a caring environment. And his involvement in each patient’s procedure does not end in the dental chair; Dr. Ley works closely with the lab to ensure natural-looking implants and crowns for every patient.

Cosmetic dentistry results in a dazzling smile that make patients want to show it off. Dr. Ley and the entire team at Espire Dental DTC | Mile High Dentistry in Denver, Colorado welcome you to contact our office today so that you can get started on your new smile.

About Dr. Ley
For 20 years, Dr. Brian Ley has provided gentle, compassionate dental care for the residents of Denver and the surrounding area. He prides himself on listening to his patients and working closely with them to give them a healthy, beautiful smile that they are proud to show to the world. In addition to providing a relaxing practice environment, Dr. Ley helps patients overcome their dental phobias by taking the time to talk with them and ease their worries. Dr. Ley ‘s favorite part of being a dentist is seeing his patient’s lives transform through his work.

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